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Rules and Regulations

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Welcome to Dashas All Naturals. Rules are implemented to insure this business runs accordingly and to make sure your provided with the best service available. As I don’t do online booking my shop only books by calling My Salon. Booking hours are Tuesday through Friday 9am to 1pm. I do not answer emails, or inboxes after hours (weekly after 1pm) If you need to cancel an appointment you will have 48 hours to cancel before your appointed

time. A Full Service charge will be applied to your next service for same day cancellation. To make sure you get your full service please arrive on time. All clients will be cancelled after 15 minutes. Masks are still required and temperatures will be checked upon arrival. Please call the hair salon once you’ve arrived and please wait outside until I’ve sanitized. This keeps my work environnent safe and clean for everyone. Drinks and food are Not allowed in the hair salon. If you cancel a service for any reason and don’t reschedule, it will take 2 months to get another appointment. If your dropping someone off please inform their ride of my policy as they may have to wait until I’m available to open doors prior to sanitation. If your child is getting their hair serviced Do not drop them off until it’s time for their appointment. When scheduling an appointment, Make sure you schedule every service prior to your next appointment. If your additional services are not scheduled (color, take downs, ect), I will not be able to provide those extra services or their will be an additional service charge for extra maintenance.

At this time my salon doesn’t provide extensions nor will I order or pick them up For you. I only provide extensions for Loc services (Loc Extensions) My shop does not provide color, as your responsible for providing your own color. There are a few color lines I prefer to work with and I will give you the stores and website when Purchasing your color. Please come to your appointment with your hair taken down or extensions removed. If I have to take down your design or take out your extensions your appointment will be canceled unless this service was added prior to booking. If your running behind please call me prior to your service. Things happen as I’m willing to work with you as your willing to work with me. If your running late and you call After your appointed time I will have to cancel your service. Communication is important.

Prices are always subject to change depending on hair growth, more product usage, price increase on supplies, and Loc designs. I try to make this a comfortable relaxing atmosphere as I know it’s hard to find a good reliable stylist. Respect and communication is all I ask as your stylist. If you don’t like Salon Rules. Feel free to find a Stylist that will better cater to your needs.

Stylist Dasha Gore

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